How many bungees jumps does the price include?
You pay per activity, the price for a Bungee Jump or SCAD Freefall will only be valid for one Bungee Jump or one SCAD Freefall.
Does the price include the video and photo's?
No, the Multimedia video and photo’s can be paid for seperately @ R150.00 per video per activity per person and R100 per photo’s per activity per person.
Which days are you open?
Soweto Towers are open on Thursday 12:00 till sunset, from Friday to Sunday 10:00 till sunset.
Do I need to make a booking?
No bookings are required for SCAD FREEFALL and BUNGEE JUMPING, Soweto Towers strictly work on a First Come, First Served basis.
Bookings are necessary for Paintball and Climbing only, with a minimum group of 10 persons per activity.
Can I make a booking?
Unfortunately Soweto Towers do not take any bookings, we strictly work on a First Come, First Served basis.
Can we make a group booking? / Team-build request:
If your group has 15 guests or more, you will need to send an email to info@sowetotowers.co.za
Group bookings are only made on Thursdays and Fridays and need upfront payment.
Are there any age limits?
No, we have weight limits, our minimum weight limit is 35kg, our maximum weight is 110kg.
Can our kids play paintball?
At Soweto Towers we have an age limit of 12 years old for paintball participants.
Which activities do you offer to kids?
We can offer Climbing to kids, unfortunately our extreme activities carries a minimum weight limit of 35kg’s.
Can you send me a map?
You are welcome to use Google’s Maps Services, select “my location” and enter the location of our site “Soweto Towers”, Google Maps will give you directions to our site from wherever you are!
Follow our map on our Contacts page.
Can we bring our own drinks, food or braai?
Unfortunately Soweto Towers does not offer catering or braai facilities. There is a restaurant on site called “Chaf-Pozi” from where you can order drinks and make a reservation for lunch or dinner.
Can we bring a birthday cake?
Yes, you are welcome to bring cake and paper plates, please remember to keep our site clean as you have found it.
My birthday / anniversary is coming up, do you offer discount?
No. We do offer group discounts for 6 or more participants in the Bungee OR SCAD Freefall activities.
Can we jump together / Tandem Jumps?
Unfortunately not, at Soweto Towers we put our and our guests’ safety first. Tandem jumps causes injuries and is considered dangerous.
Can I take part in your Base Jumping?
Base jumping is only for persons who has done over 100 or more free falls (Skydiving). The applicants get screened by our Base Jump coordinator.
What is the difference between the 100m Bungee and the Staitjacket Bungee?
We dress you in a Straitjacket before you bungee, thus your arms are wrapped tightly around your body. The experience is more intense and the preparation for the jump crew takes longer.
Can we still jump in the rain?
Unfortunately we stop all our activities when it starts to rain. As soon as the rain has stopped, our crew rigs the necessary equipment and we are ready to continue with the activities.
Soweto Towers has lightning detectors and as soon as our capable jump masters hear the detector’s alarm, everyone at the top will be evacuated as soon as possible.
Can I use my own Go-Pro?
Soweto Towers does offer Multimedia,
Multimedia video and photo’s can be paid for seperately @ R150.00 per video per activity per person and R100 per photo’s per activity per person.
Clients are NOT allowed to use their own equipment to film activities as we cannot take responsibility for any damage or loss of equipment.



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